Meet the team at Chislehurst Electrical

Alan Woodhams

Company owner & electrician

Fully qualified electrician since 1994

Lucy Woodhams


Fully qualified electrician since 2023

Chislehurst electrical is run by Alan Woodhams who is a very experienced and knowledgeable electrician and buisiness owner. He has experience in all feilds of electrics and a wealth of over 30 plus years on the tools. Chislehurst electrical has been running since 2010 which is a testiment to the work we do and the connections we have made in that time. 


5 years ago Lucy began her apprentiship with Chislehurst Electrical and in that time has been working alongside  Alan and various other electricians and tradesmen, learning along the way. She is now a fully qualified electrician. 


This buisness is home grown and family run, Our communication is second to none and refects in the work we do. We really care about our customers and the standard of work that we produce. Everything is done correctly and by the book, any works completed are always fully certified, we both have the correct qualifications to back that up.


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